The Investigation of Prof. Elwood Gerrits: Part IX

Here I am back at the museum. Karson told me that key-gel capsules never existed. I’ll have to use a lock-pick gun. Hopefully, Mathews assumes I’m in Arkham. I should surprise him. If not, there’s the M203. And they said it was pointless to keep one around the house.
There’re new guards, but no time for subtlety. This is it.
No mercy for the wicked. Have to move in fast now.
“Mathews! It’s over. Get rid of that thing and shut down the device!” Great beyond, it’s worse than I remembered it.
It’s like some mammoth carnivorous jar-plant overflowing with tendrils, yet it has a reptilian quality. But that bulb on top is the worst part, pulsating with that sickening violet light!
I was right, Mathews is surprised, “Dueller! Why?! No matter; Ichsrloj, erase him!”
Go time. Sling the M203 under my arm, aim for that hellish bulb, and launch a grenade!
::THUP! hooooo-POW!::
It’s amazing how immediately I regret that. Instead of its flesh exploding, it has exploded with more flesh. The bulb expanded chaotically like a malignant tumor seen in time-lapse, then burst forth with countless more tendrils, each baring a bulb. What have I done? I understand now what it is I hate so much about that… those bulbs. They’re what let it rewrite reality, and now it’s going haywire.
It’s freaking out too, I think. The walls are convulsing with mutations of form to break Euclidean’s heart as reality seems to vomit new laws continuously. New spacial dimensions warp the battlefield incomprehensibly.
I would take advantage of it to get across the room to the Spire of Sobek and remove the coin, but everything’s changing so rapidly I can’t. The thing has found its balance. It seems to move by spinning like a leaning top, making it reel towards me.
Okay, new scene, old idea, “COME ON, FREAK!”
“SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!” Have to maneuver carefully, and pray to god it only strikes me instead of grabbing.
“UGH!” Yes! It threw me the right way. Land into a slide, hands steady. Fire! ::BLAM!::
I wind up at the Spire and shoot the coin, hoping some good will come of it. It pays off. As I watch the coin slide up and off into the air, flipping over and over, Mathews screams madly and the thing strobe’s with sound. The coin goes straight back down on the Spire, but it’s reversed. No chance that’s luck or skill.
The gate immediately begins drawing the creature in like a vortex. I have to get away fast, before it gets me too. No time to watch and double-check anything.
Outside, I can see the whole building folding in, then all stops. The gate must have stopped when the Spire got pulled through. It’s over. The thing is gone. Mathews is gone. What Am I forgetting?
“Agent Dueller, I’m sorry.” Oh, Karson.
Well, can’t say I blame him. What a beautiful light.


  1. Great ending, Evan! I like that it's sort of left open to interpretation. Did Dueller succeed in preventing the apocalypse of life as we know it? Or was he just a crazy guy whose partner had to put him down? Hmmmmmmm...

    Nicely done!

  2. Wow, it's amazing what I can do when I have noidea what I'm doing! You interpreted that in much more flattering way than I did. I was actually kind of disappointed, but now I love it! Thanks!