ParserLewis.Lose = false

    {Dialogue="Ugh, another letter from

      {ReadsLetter="Dear Mr.Parser, while we have
      had our differences in the past, it is my
      sincere hope that we can come to a meaningful
      discourse regarding the following request I
      have entered for your approval:"}

      {SkimsRemainder="Hmm...'wait for,' yadda,
      yadda, ... 'on ready, wait for,' what? ...
      blah, blah, 'print to screen,' trash ...
      garbage ... nonsense! Okay, I think I'm ready
      to respond to this."}


      {Dialogue="Oh, I got message back from

        {ReadsLetter="Error compiling: attribute not
        found 'TriangleGames.Brain'"}

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  1. I'm totally lost. Maybe it's because I was born in mid 20th century.