A New Step Backward, er forward ...

    I've decided to write a series of flash-fiction stories to get myself going on writing again. This way I can get used to the feeling and habit writing regularly AND finishing writing things regularly. I want to do a set of nine from different genres, but this first one is to kick off an on-going series I'd like to keep flowing for a while. It's kind of a prequel to The Investigation of Prof. Elwood Gerrts. It doesn't deal directly with that story line, but it's about detective Dueller. The first insallment will mostly be set-up, establishing his place in the world. As it moves forward, I'm hoping to make it a series of "gritty detective stories." I'm a little nervous to fulfill that concept, but I want to try it. Here's my complete list of "The Nine" flash-fictions I want to write, aka, 9,000 Words. Some of these are marked with titles I'm considering.

    Modern (20th century to present)
Hopeless Horror: Subjunct
Weird Science: The Planes Station
Detective: Dueller

Space Opera: Battle Cruiser Azusa
Allegory (the more things change …)
Sci-Fi Adventure

Adventure-horror: Mythostrosity or Mythstrosity
(i.e. “Konan VS Cthulhu” where Konan wins)
Fantasy (traditional swords and sorcerers): Terratoise
Period (realistic)

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