The Investigation of Prof. Elwood Gerrits: Part IV

As I groggily awaken, my throbbing head pounds out the question, ‘what happened last night?’ I’m home in bed. That hasn’t happened in awhile. Wait, why is there sound-proofing on my walls? This isn’t my room.
Ohhh, my head! I’m so bleary. Well, it’s certainly spartan in here. There’s just the bed, padded walls, a barred window, and a steel door … locked from outside. No. “No, NO! HELLO?! I’m not a crazy person! You can release me! How did I get here!? Somebody!? Let me out of here, immediately! I am NOT insane!”
“Dueller?” Finally, a guard!
“There’s been a mistake. I need to speak to a doctor about getting out of here.” That was polite. Guards like polite. This should be quick.
“You picked a weird time to start talking. I’ll get doctor Petrov.”
How did this happen? I was looking for Professor Gerrits. I found him working in secret on some ritual. Then … ohhhh … what was that thing that came out of his body? Then he changed into … Derrick Mathews, the man I hunted through Egypt back with the CIA! It must have been him the whole time, but that other creature was … unfathomable!
I hear footsteps. Please be a reasonable minded doctor, “Hello, Dueller. How are you feeling?”
“Like I’ve been kidnapped, no offense. I don’t know how I got here, but I know I’m not insane. Could you explain why I’m here, while filing my release papers…” or we could just skip to the last part, really.
“Hmm. I’m afraid I won’t be allowed to speak with you until Agent Karson arrives. I’ll send for him immediately. Please, try to relax until then.” What? No!
“Whoa, wait! I’m sorry, but that shouldn’t be necessary. Actually, that doesn’t even make sense. In fact, who is this ‘Agent Karson’ of which you speak?” Oh, right, I really ought to deny knowing anything about agents until I know what he knows. It’s been awhile.
“You needn’t be coy, Agent Dueller. The CIA’s involvement in your case has been quite heavy-handed. I’m not permitted to treat you or discuss your case without your partner in the room. He’s been relocated here, so he’ll arrive shortly. I can explain everything then.” He’s acting cool, but he’s clearly afraid of something. Well, looks like more waiting. Huzzah.

“Dueller?” FINALLY! He’s here!
“Karson! Tell them I’m not crazy, so we can get out of here, would ya?”
That’s not a happy face, “It’s not that simple Dueller. You can’t just wake up one day and not be crazy, especially now.”
“What are you talking about? I saw something bizarre last night and I fainted. Now I’m crazy all of a sudden?! Why is the Agency handling my case, anyway? I haven’t had government insurance since I became a P.I.”
He looks very disappointed, “Listen to me. You’ve been here at Arkham for the last eighteen years, and you’ve never been a private investigator.”

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  1. Whoahhhh... nice twist! Rod Serling would be proud. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.