The Investigation of Prof. Elwood Gerrits: Part III

So, Professor Gerrits wasn't kidnapped. He's just a cult priest using ancient artifacts in a secret ritual, and he has lackeys that’ll wake up in about five minutes. Things could be worse.
From what I know of cults, I'd best find out what his goal is before shutting him down. It’s easier to stop others from following behind him that way. What’s he working with?
A lot of this stuff seemed familiar when I poked around earlier. Almost like I've read about them but not actually seen them. The only time I would've done that was when tracking Derrick Mathews in Kom Ombo. But why would I have read about ALL of this? And what would Gerrits need with such an eclectic set? He's got Marsh's Marceline (labeled 'DO NOT UNVEIL!'), diagrams of planar wraiths, Zahn's violin, an emerald bird-cage, a dozen grotesque statuettes, the Spire of Sobek, the silver key—hold on, Sobek?
The temple in Kom Ombo was dedicated to Sobek. He had a ... crocodile's head! Mathews was there for the Spire and something else. It was a … large disk with a hole, like an oversized Yen coin. I don’t see it, but I’ll bet Gerrits has it on him.
Thinking about the fact that eighteen years of droll existence has lead me back to this leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling. It’s almost as though I never stopped working that case. Like I’ve been hiding out, laying in wait for some certain moment. And this is it, he’s taking out the disk!
Weapon ready, “STOP! Put the disk down, and back away slowly, Gerrits, or I will fire,” he doesn’t look a bit surprised or angry. I don’t like that.
“Agent Dueller, how nice of you to join us. We’ve waited a long time for this reunion,” Agent? Reunion? I’m liking this less and less.
“I’m a bit embarrassed, Professor. I don’t recall meeting you before.”
“The appearance has changed a bit since we’ve been together, but you’ll soon recognize it. We are about to part at last.” What on earth is he babbling about? Where is this ‘we?’
Enough chit-chat, “Put the disk down, now, or I’m going to open fire!”
“Master! Are you alright?” oh great, the guards are awake already.
“Yes. Take care of our guest, please,” sorry Prof., bullets are faster than legs.
What?! He’s not even flinching, and the guards are on me, “NO! LET GO!” He’s placing the disk on the spire. I’m too late!
“You interrupted us before, forcing me to co-inhabit this frail flesh. Now, you will see!” He’s changing! His face … it’s Mathews! There’s something … coming out of him?
Dear lord, that’s not possible. I don’t even understand what I’m seeing. How could such a thing exist? It’s terrifying, and just looking at it is so confusing it hurts! I feel like my mind may just—

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  1. Oooooh, you are going to go down that path! Scary stuff. But I like the light touch you're using. Kind of puts the tone somewhere between GB and Cthulhu.