The Investigation of Prof. Elwood Gerrits: Part VI

It’s 02:57 hours. The night check should be coming soon. I can’t wait any longer. I have to make my move now. I wish I understood more about what’s going on though.
The more I talk with Karson and my doctor, the less sense either version of my past makes. Now they’re telling me the museum hasn’t received new inventory in over a decade. So why was Professor Gerrits even there? If I’ve been committed and incoherent all this time, how did I manage to track down a professor who specializes in Derrick Mathews’ same interests then plan and execute his murder all in one day? Even their story is falling apart. OH! Here he comes, time to play crazy.
“AHHH! IT’S HERE! IT’S COME BACK FOR ME! HELP! IT’S A MONSTER!” Add in some shadow boxing with the ‘thing,’ and we have a complete hallucination scene.
“Gary! Bring a sedative! This guy’s losing it!” This is the wrong line of work for him. He’s in panic, which is going to make overtaking them much easier.
“Okay, Dueller, hold still!” Fat chance, pal. First the needle needs to go. Dislocate the shoulder.
Your turn, I can’t have you picking it up. Hard strike at the base of the skull.
::THWAK!:: “AH—…”
Now finish Gary, before he regains composure and calls back-up.
“I’m using a sleeper hold on you instead of a quick knock-out because I need you to listen but not scream. I’m not crazy, but I am former CIA. I haven’t killed anyone, but I will if I have to. Tell doctor Petrov everyone will be better off if you all forget I was ever here. Goodnight.”
A little struggle was expected, so the rest of the noises will be written off by anyone who heard. Time is short to take advantage of that. Get the keys and the sedative … head to the end of the hall … and use a service entrance. This is too easy. I’m out.
Go to the back streets. Find a bum, “Hey, I’ll give you what’s in this syringe for your pants and coat.”
“What is it?” He looks pathetic, but there’s no time for pity.
“Does it matter?” I’m glad he’s accepted that. A little extra sleep won’t hurt him anyway.
I’ve got some time to think while I find a hideout and re-organize. I figure either I am crazy now and I’ve been perceiving things wrong since the museum, or there’s a conspiracy against me that involves my own partner. That’s an unfortunate pair to have to distinguish, since any good CIA cover-up will have hidden the evidence to tell them apart. I can assume that if I ever was a private investigator, I’m not now. There’s only one thing that can solve all my problems now. I have to find Derrick Mathews, and he has to be alive. But if he finally got what he wanted, then where do I start looking?

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  1. Go Dueller! It's always the partner, isn't it? Except for when it's not the partner. But other than that, it's pretty automatic.

    I hope he can take out Matthews before he pulls the squidy-monster-head trick again.